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Since 2007, our Memphis criminal defense attorney has provided high-quality representation to individuals charged with crimes all across Shelby County. We can help you, too. To learn more about our past cases and how we successfully served our clients, feel free to browse through our case results here. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us today at (901) 590-0421 and schedule a free consultation.

    • 1st Degree Murder | State of Tennessee vs. LJ Dismissed

      Client accused of intending to shoot one person and an innocent bystander was killed by a stray bullet. My investigation revealed the witness who identified my client was lying.

    • 2nd Offense DUI | State of Tennessee vs HS Dismissed Before Trial

      School teacher arrested for DUI after she was involved in an accident and officers smelled alcohol on her breath and her BAC was 4 times the legal limit.

    • 2nd Offense DUI | State of Tennessee vs MP Reduced to a Standard 1st Offense

      Client found passed out in her car in the pharmacy drive thru line with pills and an open container.

    • 6th Offense DUI | State of Tennessee vs FM DUI dismissed/Reduced Charge No Jail Time

      Client stopped for disregarding a stop sign and arrested for having alcohol on his breath. A blood sample was taken.

    • Aggravated Assault | State of Tennessee vs. TB Not Guilty at trial

      Client accused of shooting someone during a road rage incident. Client confessed to the shooting.

    • Aggravated Assault | State of Tennessee vs. TH Dismissed Before Trial

      Client charged with assault after pulling a gun in a road rage incident.

    • Aggravated Robbery | State of Tennessee vs CL Dismissed/Settled on Misdemeanor Charges

      Client met an individual online and was later arrested for robbing him at gun point. I explained that this was a drug deal gone bad. Aggravated Robbery dismissed and case settled on misdemeanor charges.

    • DUI | State of Tennessee vs SH Not Guilty At Trial

      Client pulled over for swerving and arrested for DUI because officers smelled alcohol on his breath.

    • Rape | State of Tennessee vs. LC Dismissed Before Trial

      Client was accused of raping his ex girlfriend. We pointed out discrepancies in her statements.

    • Theft of Property under $1000 | State of Tennessee vs LN Dismissed Before Trial

      Client caught shoplifting at a department store.

    • UPCS Marijuana | State of Tennessee vs CY Dismissed Before Trial

      Client arrested after traffic stop and found with 1 gram of marijuana and then taken back to his home by police and charged with 4 pounds of marijuana located in his home.