Memphis Criminal Defense Attorney

Our founding fathers appreciated that people facing criminal charges risk losing their liberties. This risk is so grave that the framers of our state and federal constitutions recognize the fundamental right to legal counsel for people who are charged with crimes.

The Law Office of Kenneth W. Brashier dedicates itself every day to protecting that fundamental right. In doing so, we provide clients with the experienced legal judgment they need to best defend their rights in a wide variety of serious criminal defense matters.

Memphis Criminal Defense Lawyer

Unfortunately, too many people do not understand the risks they face. Many people assume that the judges and prosecutors will view them as "innocent until proven guilty."

You do not have to make this mistake. Our firm will provide you with the professional criminal defense representation you need to protect your rights now and to position you for success in the future.

Our founding attorney, Kenneth Brashier, is a former prosecutor with years of experience in both federal and state court. He has a firsthand understanding of the strategies that prosecutors use. As a result, he can often anticipate those strategies in the defense cases he builds for the firm's clients.

In doing so, attorney Brashier provides our firm's clients with the personalized legal attention their matters require. We understand that a successful defense is often rooted in a successful attorney-client relationship.

Experienced Tennessee Criminal Law Defense Counsel

Our team invites you to contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. You can either call us at 901-236-0561 or contact us online. All discussions between our firm and any potential clients remain entirely confidential.